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小麥真相覺醒 + 一萬年前麥種做



無麩質飲食近年大熱,但你知道什麼是麩質?與麩質有關的疾病有那些? 沒有對麩質過敏都與你有關?







Awakening truth of wheat + Bake with Einkorn Bread

Wheat already existed over 10,000 years. Why until the recent 20 years people start being allergic to wheat? Is there anything that we don’t know about wheat?

Gluten-free has become a fairly popular trend in recent years. Do you know what is gluten? What are the gluten-related diseases? This is related to you even you don’t have wheat allergy?

How is the bread made from wheat type of 10,000 years ago?

In this episode, you will learn about the evolution of modern wheat from ancient wheat, learn about gluten, know about how our body react after eating wheat and our experience in baking with einkorn – the wheat type of 10,000 years ago!


All contents & information in this video do not represent any opinion from specific doctors or nutritionist. Please consult your doctor if you have any questions.

(Uploaded: 2020 Feb)

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Bonnie 因自身經歷於2015年開始踏進「無敏食品」行業,自 2018 年2月開始教授無麩質烹飪課程。所有課程除了不用小麥,大部分也無雞蛋牛奶「一煮教室」平台上所有食譜都是 Bonnie 反覆嚐試及實驗所成的結果。每個烘焙食譜均研發超過半年以上,深信味道﹑健康﹑無敏是可以並存。Bonnie 也曾接受多間謀體訪問及擔任演講嘉賓,包括香港經濟日報,東方日報,am730,明報,文匯報,香港商報,U Magazine,Like Magazine,新城電台,香港電台,基督教今日報,天使心雜誌,創世電視,NowTV,TVB J5 等。擁英國華威大學工程商業管理系優等碩士及WSET 葡萄酒及烈酒第三級認證。

In 2015, Bonnie started the journey in allergy-friendly food industry. She has been teaching gluten-free cooking since Feb 2018. All classes are wheat-free & gluten-free, most of them are also dairy-free & egg-free. All recipes on As One Cooking Academy are the result of Bonnie's repeated attempts and experiments - each spent more than half year to develop. Bonnie believes taste, health & allergy-frendly can co-exist. Bonnie has also been interviewed by media e.g. Hong Kong Economic Times, Oriental Daily, am730, Ming Po, Wen Wei Po, Hong Kong Commercial Daily, U Magazine, Like Magazine, Metro Radio, Radio Television Hong Kong, Christian Daily, Angel Heart Magazine, Creation TV, NowTV, TVB J5, etc. She holds MSc in Engineering Business Management from the University of Warwick, and WSET Wine & Spirits Level 3 certification.

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